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The Magician’s Elephant Release Date, Voice Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

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Fantastical worlds, mystical creatures, and quirky magicians have always piqued people’s imagination long before franchises like the Harry Potter books. After a challenging day, nothing is like kicking off your shoes and losing yourself in your favorite enchanted realm. The Magician’s Elephant, a brand-new animated film from Netflix, seeks to give you and your family the same positive feelings with its excellent animation and touching plot.

The Magician’s Elephant, based on Kate DiCamillo’s 2009 children’s book of the same name, follows the tale of Peter, a little boy looking for his long-lost sister Adel. Nancy Harris already transformed The Magician’s Elephant into a stage production that will run from October 2021 to January 2022. The Royal Shakespeare Theatre in Stratford-upon-Avon, the center of the world’s theatre, hosted the performance’s global premiere. Both the reviewers and the crowd gave it positive reviews.

DiCamillo is a celebrated novelist with more than 25 works in print, four of which have already been adapted into major motion pictures. These are The Tiger Rising, The Tale of Despereaux, Flora & Ulysses, Because of Winn-Dixie, and Because of Winn-Dixie. The fifth film in line, The Magician’s Elephant, will hit our screens in March. This movie must be on your watch list if you want something to watch as a family and spend quality time with your kids. You can learn everything there is to know about the upcoming Netflix adaptation of The Magician’s Elephant in the following parts, including the actors, the plot, the premiere date, and more.


  • Miranda Richardson
  • Brian Tyree Henry
  • Natasia Demetriou
  • Mandy Patinkin
  • Noah Jupe as Peter(voice)
  • Cree Summer
  • Benedict Wong as The Magician(voice)
  • Lorraine Toussaint
  • Sian Clifford
  • Dawn French
  • Aasif Mandvi
  • Pixie Davies as Adel(voice)
  • Stephen Kearin
  • Stephen Kearin as LaVaughn’s Attendant, Townsperson, Fleeing Soldier, Worried Man 1(voice)
  • Caitlin McKenna

What is the Release Date of The Magician’s Elephant?

On March 17, Netflix will debut The Magician’s Elephant. However, a cinematic adaptation of the book had already been in the works before the book was even published. The picture rights to The Magician’s Elephant were purchased by 20th Century Fox in August 2009, before the book’s September publication. After over a decade of development hell, producer Julia Pistor finally brought the picture to Netflix in December 2020.

Who is the Director of The Magician’s Elephant?

Wendy Rogers is the director of the movie. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian (2008), Waterworld (1995), and Batman & Robin are some of the films for which Wendy Rogers is best known (1997).

The Magician’s Elephant | Official Trailer | Netflix

What is the Plot of The Magician’s Elephant?

It has not yet been revealed how Peter, the tale’s main character, came to be separated from his younger sister when he was still a child. He is convinced she is still alive and makes it his mission to locate her. He consults a fortune teller, who instructs him to track down his sister by following the magician’s elephant. Nevertheless, he was only allowed to ask one inquiry. Thus he was unable to obtain any additional information. Curious about what the fortune-teller meant, Peter wanders into a room where a magician is performing in front of a big crowd. During the presentation, the artist mistakenly conjures up an elephant. Peter interprets this as a signal to free the elephant, who is currently under the royal family’s protection.

To accomplish this, the young child must carry out three difficult activities. Now filled with optimism, Peter readies himself for an improbable trip to meet friends along the road who might assist him in rescuing the elephant and looking for his sister. The plot is a traditional hero’s journey, similar to that depicted in films like “Onward” and “Willow.” Yet, it offers a unique spin on a convention that has been used many times. The following is what is included in the plot summary of The Magician’s Elephant:

“There is only one question on Peter’s mind as he approaches a fortune teller in the market square while looking for his long-lost sister Adele. Peter embarks on a dangerous trip to perform three seemingly impossible tasks that will transform the landscape of his village forever and lead him on the adventure of a lifetime after learning that he must discover a strange elephant and the magician who can summon it.”

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