Elon Musk’s Regretful Actions Towards a Paralyzed Employee: A Story of Apologies and Damage Control

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Since his takeover of the platform months ago, American billionaire Elon Musk is soon gone until he quickly returns.

The Tesla owner got into a long discussion with an employee of determined people on Twitter, until the latter ended up publicly exposing his decision to expel him.

The allegation prompted Musk to apologize immediately

The story began when former employee Haley Thorlevson addressed a tweet to Musk as CEO of the platform, in which she said, “Is your HR boss unable to confirm whether you’re still an employee or not?”

“Nine days after my Twitter accounts were frozen, I don’t know if I was fired or not!” Thorlevson added, according to the Washington Post.

Immediately, Musk wrote back to the employee, asking, “What job did you do?”

The employee responded with a series of tweets explaining his work and accomplishments while working with Twitter. It wasn’t long before Thorlevson received an email from Twitter’s HR department confirming that he was fired, which he told Musk publicly and on the blue site.

Faced with what happened, the employee demanded his full rights from his former boss, wondering which Twitter would fulfill the contract signed between the two parties, so Musk replied with a tweet containing two laughing emojis.

The American billionaire also commented that the objecting employee had money and pretended not to, pointing out that he did no actual work or add to the platform, accusing him of claiming that his disability prevented him from writing, while tweeting and replying to the his followers, according to Musk’s allegations.

Musk also questioned the validity of the man’s disability, saying, “I can’t say I respect that much.”

A war of criticism and responses

However, these allegations didn’t go unnoticed, as tweets spread like wildfire about the bluebird, in which Mask fought a war of follower replies, eventually prompting him to apologize.

The owner of Twitter apologized, stressing in his regretful tweet that it is better to talk to people than communicate through tweets, in reference to what happened with the employee.

Interestingly, Thorlevsson was a businessman based in Iceland and sold his company Ueno, a creative design agency he founded in 2014, to Twitter in early 2021.

As part of the acquisition, Thorlevson became a full-time Twitter employee.

And last February, Musk laid off another 200 employees from Twitter, meaning the company now has just over 2,000 employees, down from around 7,500 in October.

Thorlevson’s firing also came as part of a new wave of layoffs implemented by Twitter on Monday.

Furthermore, Musk considered what happened as a mere misunderstanding of the incident.

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