Sony Opposes Call of Duty’s Potential Addition to D1 on PS Plus for Microsoft

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Microsoft has confirmed that it has also offered Sony the opportunity to place future Call of Duty games on PlayStation Plus on launch day to allay concerns from market regulators over Activision’s proposed acquisition of Blizzard. But this might not be a viable strategy for the Japanese corporation, given the exorbitant licensing costs they incur, it would even force them to raise PS Plus prices.

This big news broke the web thanks to the review process of the acquisition of Activision Blizzard in the UK CMA, where you can find that Microsoft has confirmed its willingness to sign a 10-year contract ensuring that the series of shooters will continue to be released on PlayStation consoles after the acquisition, having already signed it with Nintendo and Nvidia.

The Redmond giant was keen to reiterate that its 10-year offer will secure parity with Sony on “release date, content, features, updates, quality and playability of the versions available on the Xbox platform” on PS4, PS5 and any subsequent platform.

And focusing precisely on the concept of “equality”, the American corporation confirmed that Call of Duty, since its launch, can also reach the streaming and subscription services of competitors:

“Any CoD game in a Microsoft Multi-Game Subscription Service may be included in the Sony Multi-Game Subscription Service at the same time and for the same duration.”

But Sony Interactive Entertainment said that the offer in question from Microsoft is not as attractive as it seems, given that the cost of the license will no doubt be very high, with the subsequent possibility of making them sustainable only by increasing the price of it. subscription services.

To sum up, in this way, according to Sony, Microsoft has effectively stated that it is open to putting Call of Duty on PlayStation Plus from launch as well, but the cost of the license will rightly be so high that the offer is almost impossible for them to do.

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