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The Creators of The Last of Us on HBO have Confirmed that the Show Will be Renewed for a Third Season

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In an interview with GQ magazine, Neil Druckmann predicted that the show would have a third season when developing The Last of Us Part II.

When GQ magazine posed the following question to Druckmann, “Furthermore, there is speculation about how Season 2 will include such a big game. Will the upcoming season last the full second game?” Druckmann responded, “It’s more than one season,” to that.

Craig Mazin, co-creator of the sitcom, added, “You are accurate in seeing that we won’t specify how many. Yet, more than one is factually accurate.”

This section contains spoilers. Three Seasons would be an interesting choice by the show’s producers to keep Joel around for at least one more complete season. Joel eventually dies, as those who have played the game are aware. This may be a fantastic opportunity for the developers to explore the plot further and retain Pedro Pascal for as long as possible. His passing would be a fantastic conclusion to Season 2, allowing Ellie’s tale to continue in Season 3.

The Last of Us Part III will be created by the Naughty Dog studio, according to Neil Druckmann, if they can “build a compelling tale.” Given the game’s enormous success and the HBO series, we’ll all assume it’s happening anyway.

Season 2 will premiere in the spring of 2025, and season 3 may come out in the middle or late 2026. If the production schedule remains the same, The Last of Us Part III’s fourth season will air in the spring of 2028 or later. This would give the creators almost five years to complete The Last of Us Part III, which is occasionally impossible when making a AAA game.

If the creators move on with The Last of Us Part III, things are generally starting to line up for the series. The fact that the second game will span two seasons is expected to be well-received because the first season was heavily criticized for feeling hurried in several places.

Do you intend to watch The Last of Us Season 3?

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