Life-Saving Innovation: iPhone’s Sound Recognition of Fire Alarm

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The iPhone has astonishing features to save the life of its user especially for those who suffer from hearing impairment as this device can distinguish the important sounds while operating the earphones.

This feature is very useful in general for everyone, even if you wear headphones, as it will be able to warn you of a serious danger around you.

According to the American technology giant, “Apple”, “the iPhone is able to recognize certain sounds such as a crying baby, a doorbell or an alarm, and notify you when it recognizes these sounds”.

You can even add custom sounds to your device to find out, according to British newspaper The Sun.

That means your iPhone can alert you if a smoke alarm goes off or if your house has broken glass, even if you’re wearing headphones. But Apple warns of this.

“Do not rely on iPhone to recognize your voice in circumstances where you may be harmed or injured, in life-threatening and emergency situations, or in transit,” Apple said.

How to enable voice recognition on iPhone:

Go to Settings > Accessibility > Speech Recognition and turn it on.

Then wait for the file download to complete (you may need to be connected to WiFi for this to work).

You can then tap Sounds and choose the sounds you want your iPhone to recognize, such as fire, smoke, dogs, cats, and more.

It’s also possible to add custom sounds to your device, just tap Custom Alarm, Custom Appliance, or Doorbell.

Enter a name and get your iPhone ready to listen to it.

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