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Unearthing Ancient Cemetery Uncovering Unusual Funeral Traditions


Turkish archaeologists during searches and excavations in the ancient city of Sagalassos, the ruins of which are located in the province of Antalya, discovered an ancient cemetery where unique funeral rites were held.

Antiquity magazine indicates that Alexander the Great captured this city in 333 BC, and the objects and artifacts that scientists have found in this cemetery date back to 100-150 AD.

This cemetery differs from other Roman-era tombs found elsewhere in the way the bodies were cremated, here they were burned in the same place and then buried under a layer of lime and bricks. . Scientists also found deliberately bent nails in the tombs next to the remains of the bodies.

Experts believe that unique funeral rites were held in the city of Sagalassos. It seems that those who carried out the burial were afraid of the revenge of the dead. Since the spikes were probably considered a “magical barrier”, they were placed around the ashes. Lime was also used not only for aesthetic reasons, but also to keep a person or his soul in the ground.

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