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Google warns Samsung users to refrain from using these applications


Google has warned Android users of a series of dangerous electronic flaws that allow hackers to access their phones and browse their content.

The security vulnerabilities affect Samsung phones and Google Pixel 6 and 7 phones, as well as cars that use the Exynos Auto T5123 chipset, according to a report by the company’s “Project Zero” security research team, published by The Sun newspaper.

The top 4 cyber flaws allow hackers to access devices via phone number only and without any user interaction, also known as “remote code execution from internet to baseband”.

Adjust the settings

Additionally, the company has asked Android users to turn off “Wi-Fi” and “Voice-over-LTE” calling in settings to protect themselves from exposure to hacking, and Pixel phone owners have already received a security update for that. correction. .

The team has appealed to all users to update their devices as soon as possible, to ensure they are running the latest versions that address undisclosed and discovered security vulnerabilities.

14 security vulnerabilities

And the company has decided to delay disclosure of four security vulnerabilities that allow the Internet to execute code remotely, meaning “Google” has 90 days to publicly disclose the flaws if they remain unfixed, according to the team.

There are only 4 out of 14 less serious vulnerabilities that have not yet been fixed according to Google, for which Samsung is responsible.

For his part, a spokesperson for “Samsung” said that the company takes the security of its customers very seriously, noting that after identifying 6 vulnerabilities that could affect specific “Galaxy” devices, none of which were “serious”, “Samsung” released security patches for five of them in March.

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