The Creative 2.0 Update is Scheduled to Arrive in Fortnite on March 22nd

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According to Epic Games, the Creative 2.0 update for Fortnite will be released on March 22nd.

The Creative 2.0 Update is Scheduled to Arrive in Fortnite on March 22nd_

The Unreal Editor can currently be added to your wishlist on the Epic Games Store, Epic Games announced on Twitter under the handle @FNCreate.

The game’s Creative mode will advance with Fortnite Creative 2.0, formerly known as the Unreal Editor for Fortnite. The community will be able to create their games inside Fortnite.

Tim Sweeney, the creator of Fortnite Creative 2.0, claimed in an interview with Fast Company that it will let players “create extremely high-quality game content and code and release it into Fortnite without signing a deal with us accessible it’s to anybody.”

The Unreal Editor in Fortnite will let content producers monetize their work, similar to Roblox. Sweeney stated, “We’re constructing an economy. It will assist artists in establishing companies around their creations and helping them benefit more and more from the sales generated by individuals viewing their work.

Several enhancements to Fortnite Creative 2.0 have been disclosed in previous leaks, including the ability to build custom models, maps, vehicles, and more.

What is UEFN capable of?

UEFN expands upon the ideas presented in the Fortnite Creative toolkit by adding brand-new features and capabilities. Creators get access to an early version of UEFN through the Beta, which will continue to develop based on the feedback they provide. You will be able to do the following once you have this Beta version of UEFN:

  • Use modeling and material techniques to create own stuff.
  • Bring in music, animations, textures, and objects.
  • To generate VFX effects, use Niagara.
  • Use a sequencer and a control rig to animate.
  • Design gameplay with Verse.
  • Create landscapes to give the surroundings more depth.
  • Use World Partition to create more extensive experiences.
  • To find and import assets, use Fab.
  • To work together in real-time, use Live Edit.
  • Work with Skein in conjunction with Integrated Revision Control.

Are you excited to play Fortnite Creative 2.0?

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