Antarctica experiences detachment of iceberg as large as London

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The British Antarctic Survey has released a video clip for the first time showing the huge iceberg A81 breaking off the Brant Glacier on the Antarctic shelf in late January.

This was announced by the Russian TV channel Zvezda through its Telegram channel. According to British scientists, the area of ​​the glacier was 1,550 square kilometers. Now the iceberg has moved away from its place of origin at a distance of 150 km.

It is noteworthy that on January 22, the A81 glacier broke away from the Brant Glacier on the Antarctic shelf, and its area can be compared with the size of the British capital London. And the British Antarctic Survey said it was bound to happen, but its consequences are impossible to predict.

It became known, in particular, that an iceberg the size of London, which broke away from the continent of Antarctica, is directed by the sea current to the area east of the Drake Passage.

There are also two huge icebergs that have broken off the Antarctic shelf and are gradually approaching the shipping areas of the Atlantic Ocean, and it may take decades before they completely break and melt. And there is a smaller iceberg called A81, which is about the size of London. The larger iceberg, A76, is almost twice the size of the smaller iceberg.

Source: Star

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