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In An Effort to Reduce Expenses, Google has Decided to Discontinue Selling its Glass Product

In An Effort to Reduce Expenses, Google has Decided to Discontinue Selling its Glass Produc t_

According to an announcement made by Google this week, the company will no longer sell the most recent Enterprise Edition of Google Glass. This effectively ends an innovative but unsuccessful wearable product line from a previous era, which many customers may have assumed had been discontinued for some time.

When Google Glass was first introduced in 2013, it was initially advertised for a general audience, claiming that users would no longer need to take out their phones to access a computer. Nevertheless, the smart glasses were abandoned in 2015 after beta versions failed to find popularity due to their hefty price tag, awkward design, and privacy issues.

Google then moved its attention from consumers to businesses. When Glass’ first Enterprise edition was unveiled in 2017, it was promoted for usage in sectors including manufacturing and logistics. 2019 saw the debut of the Enterprise Edition 2, Google’s final attempt to save the Glass product. Yet the $999 item didn’t become popular.

Google announced the decision on its FAQ page and thanked users for their ingenuity and partnership over the past ten years. Up to September, the business will support the phased-out Enterprise Edition.

CNN contacted Google for comment, but they did not answer.

Google’s decision to withdraw the program comes amid expense cuts across the firm. Google recently disclosed plans to fire thousands of employees in response to recession concerns and shifting global demand for digital goods.

Nonetheless, Google Glass remains a pipe dream. The parent company of Snapchat distributes Spectacles, another pair of smart glasses that have had trouble gaining popularity over time. According to reports, Apple is developing augmented reality spectacles. Google stated last year that it was still testing additional augmented reality glasses despite the failure of Glass.

In a blog post published during the summer of 2016, the business stated, “Augmented reality (AR) is opening up new possibilities to connect with the world around us.” “It can assist us quickly and readily obtain the information that we need, such as comprehending another language or knowing how to get from point A to point B most efficiently.”

Ten years after Google introduced Glass with the same lofty goal, the future is still coming into view.

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