A Brand-New Lego Racing Game Called “Lego 2K Drive” is Now Available

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According to a recent report by XboxEra’s Shpeshal Nick, a new LEGO Racing game, “LEGO 2K Drive,” is in the works.

Lego 2K Drive_

The notion was started by a Visual Concepts Producer job posting from last year, which mentioned the studio’s work on “an open-world driving game with a big license.”

A few times after the job posting, VGC revealed that LEGO and 2K are working to create a new series of LEGO sports video games. According to the report, the racing game should be released later this year.

The report from VGC also stated that Lego had no plans to renew the conditions of its exclusivity agreement with TT Games. This information was recently confirmed by NintendoLife, which stated that TT Games had canceled many projects, including LEGO Disney and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Although not formally proven, it is assumed that rumors of a significant crunch at TT Games contributed to the termination of such initiatives. The Skywalker Saga was reportedly developed during TT Games’ ongoing battle with crunch culture. However, the game catalyzed for staff to start speaking out.

How eager are you to play LEGO 2K Drive?

Since then, many sources have confirmed that the game is called “LEGO 2K Drive” and is currently in Closed Beta.

Online images of the LEGO 2K Drive have appeared. The picture can be seen here:

Lego 2K Driv e_

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