Ring introduces Spotlight Cam Plus for advanced home security solutions

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Ring has launched Spotlight Cam Plus, a next-generation Spotlight Cam that features the ability to shoot wide-angle 1080p HD video, along with LED lights and a siren. Spotlight Cam Plus has all the features of the previous generation, plus color night vision and a new design with a dual option that allows users to switch between battery and electric modes. “Since the beginning, Ring has been keen to continue innovating to provide affordable, easy-to-use home security solutions that give customers peace of mind, and the UK launch of Spotlight Cam Plus and Solar Panel USB-C comes to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia will be another important step in our journey to the region. Thanks to advanced technologies such as color night vision, we look forward to improving the experience of homeowners in Saudi Arabia and enabling them to achieve home security and ensure the safety of their loved ones and their belongings more easily”.

The next-generation Spotlight Cam comes in two colors, black and white, with a sleek, streamlined design that combines all the features enjoyed by Ring users, such as instant alerts, two-way talk, and live broadcasting. Spotlight Cam Plus also offers a dual color night vision option and two LEDs that light up when motion is detected, allowing users to monitor their property anytime, anywhere. And with two options for battery or electric operation, users can choose the method that works best for their homes.

Ring also announced the Solar Panel USB-C compatible with Spotlight Cam Plus and other Ring surveillance cameras with a USB-C port, as the panel can be easily plugged into Spotlight Cam Plus for a few hours of light. direct solar to stay charged all day. The adjustable arm allows for the perfect angle to get the most solar energy, while keeping the space tidy with easy handling and routing of cables.

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