Zack Snyder Claims to be Working on a Rebel Moon Role-Playing Game

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During an episode of The Nerd Circle podcast, producer and director Zack Snyder revealed that he is developing a Rebel Moon role-playing game. Snyder, well-known for his directing work on films like 300 and Man of Superman, claimed that the game was being built on a “ridiculous scale.”

Zack Snyder Claims to be Working on a Rebel Moon Role-Playing Ga me_

“This RPG that we’re developing, it’s just completely insane,” Snyder remarked, “and it’s the one thing I’m enjoying. I wonder if I’m meant to talk about it. Very expansive, powerful, and all-encompassing. We discussed how we would play the game and said, “Let’s go.”

“We can do it at this scale, or we can do it at a ludicrous magnitude,” they said when they first offered the idea to me because I’ve always wanted to create an RPG.

A ridiculous scale, I thought. They said everything about the world and what was going on, and I replied, “OK, pleased to do it, let’s go all the way.” It will be a fully developed universe, and it will be entertaining.

This information, such as who created and disseminated the initiative, should have been provided. Reports asserted that Zack Snyder and EA had struck a three-year gaming agreement in 2008. EA Games’ Frank Gibeau stated, “Zack Snyder has a fresh and vibrant creative approach that resonates with our core audience.

The agreement said that although EA would have held the games’ intellectual property, Snyder’s Cruel & Unusual Productions would have created any films from the projects.

Zack Snyder Claims to be Working on a Rebel Moon Role-Playing Game_

Of course, none of those titles were ever released, but it’s possible that Snyder recently contacted the publisher again to discuss the possibility of future collaboration.

What company do you believe will be working on Zack Snyder’s RPG Rebel Moon?

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