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  • Rider Class: Thornweaver
  • Map: Eliean Càirn
  • Dragon Pass with themed dragons, weapons, armour and more
  • Story Arc unfolding in 8 Tomes
  • Ranked Season

New Class: The Thornweaver

Living peacefully in a cradle of forest hidden from known civilisations, Thornweavers are an elite force who have sworn to keep the balance with nature and dragons. Their willowy sylvian composition and symbiosis with the elements allows them to summon elder forces, and unleash devastating Nature-based attacks upon their enemies.

Century’s fifth character class can now be unlocked in the store for 800 Gems or 20,000 Iron Coins.


  • Numbing Retaliation (Passive): Accumulates charges. Upon taking direct damage, releases slowing projectiles towards a nearby enemy based on the number of charges.
  • Verdant Bulwark (Power): Enter a defensive stance, reducing incoming damage. Press the power button again to release poisonous spikes towards nearby enemies, up to 2 times.
  • Verdant Bastion (Rage): Enhances Verdant Bulwark for a brief time, further reducing the damage you take, increasing your movement speed and allowing you to release unlimited poisonous spikes.
  • Bramble Wall (Ability): Launches a projectile that releases a wall of thorns blocking your enemies’ path. The Wall is released upon colliding with a surface, or pressing the ability button a second time when close to one.

New Dragons: the Vinedrakes

Season 2 also introduces a new species of dragons deeply intertwined with the new Thornweaver class. Vinedrakes acquire their particular shape through symbiosis with their rider, and don’t be fooled by their bark-like skin for its robustness and speed have brought many to their doom.

Many different variants of the Vinedrake roam the world of Century, and you’ll get the chance to tame them for the very first time through the Dragon Pass!

Roaming freely in the backwoods of the Cradle, young Vinedrakes will sometimes hear a silent call coming from a Nassyan child ready for the Blooming Ritual. Upon completing it, a Thornweaver and their Vinedrake are bonded for life.

Dragon Pass: A treasure of rewards

New season also means new loot! More than 70 themed rewards will be up for grabs through the Season 2 DragonPass, including epic and legendary dragons for all classes, weapons, armor pieces, player customisations and in-game currency.

This new Dragon Pass relies on the same system as the previous season, where you’ll have to complete missions to earn Levels and Stars. Levels will unlock the rewards tiers in the Dragon Pass, and stars can be spent to buy rewards.

New Map: Eilean Càirn

Players who have mastered the corridors of the Hünavatn Lake are up for a new challenge, as Season 2 introduces a overhaul of this classic map in the Eilean Càirn. This abandoned outpost reclaimed by nature is boasting open areas for high speed chases, tunnels for close quarter combat, air flow boosts and hiding areas for dragoneers to engage in their chosen battle patterns.
Our team has reshaped the fly paths with outgrown vegetation, which now makes this map a perfect hunting ground for those who will master the Thornweaver’s attacks!

The Lore of Season 2

This time, the story of Season 2 takes players to a whole different part of the continent and introduces two new civilizations that’ll play a key role in the future of relationships between riders and dragons. Each chapter of the lore will be available to everyone for free in the Dragon Pass interface and will unlock on a regular basis.

“Dragons and humans maintain a sacred balance, woven centuries ago. But it only takes a spark to light a fire… Far in the northern cliffs of the Narairim Trench, an assembly of dissidents born from their ashes carries an extreme vision of dragoneering. Like a poison running deep through veins, their influence is spreading.
Hope resides on the shoulders of a tribe that once learned to live in symbiosis with dragons. Hidden in lush forests deep beyond the Kärsk Frontier, this peaceful civilization is now lost to the tides of time. Two worlds are about to collide, forging the fate of dragoneering for years to come.”

More to come

Season 2 will also introduce groundbreaking changes – including events, an overhaul of the acceleration, field of view and brake systems, a rework of the rage, HUD, and more. Additionally, players will be happy to know that we are leaning towards reintroducing an overarching progression path that would come on top of the seasonal progression. It’s currently under production and we will give more details as soon as we can.
As usual, we rely on your feedback to help us constantly improve everyone’s experience. We will even launch a community survey no later than this week to get your opinion on several potential events our team is currently designing.

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