The Looming Water Catastrophe: 2 Billion People Deprived of Safe Water.

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Water insecurity has become one of the world’s biggest crises as a new UNESCO report warns that the Earth is on the brink of a global water crisis.

The report says that more than two billion people, about a quarter of the population, do not have access to safe drinking water, and almost half of the population (46%) do not have access to safely managed sanitation services.

Experts say that without urgent measures, the situation could worsen.

“There is an urgent need for strong international mechanisms to prevent the global water crisis from spiraling out of control,” said UNESCO Director-General Audrey Azoulay. fair basis.” manage it sustainably.”

The report was published on UNESCO World Water Day on behalf of UN Water.

The report shows that between 2 and 3 billion people suffer from water shortages for at least one month of the year. This poses a serious threat to their livelihood due to food security and access to electricity.

The experts explain that water scarcity is the result of a combination of two main factors: the local impact of physical water stress along with the acceleration and widespread pollution of fresh water.

It is a matter of concern that climate change and other factors can lead to deterioration of water supply and water quality and, as a result, to the degradation of ecosystems.

At current consumption rates, the gap between global water supply and demand is expected to be 56% by 2030.

This #world water day.

Water is right #human rights For all.

Whoever you are.

Wherever you are.

– UNESCO (@UNESCOarabic) March 22, 2023

The report shows that as a result of climate change, seasonal water scarcity will increase in areas where it is currently abundant, such as Central Africa, East Asia, and parts of South America, and exacerbate in areas already experiencing water scarcity, such as as like the Middle East, East and Sahel in Africa.

Happy #world water day💧

The 2023 UN Water Conference begins today, bringing the world together to tackle the water crisis.

You can play your part.

Your simple #WaterActions will have a big impact.

Be like a hummingbird 🐦 and do what you can!

— UN-Water (@UN_Water) March 21, 2023

Face to face with violence due to climate change crises, 600 million children drinking from drinking water, 20 years.

Mobilisons-nous for que l’accès à l’eau soit une realité #PourChaqueEnfant 💧

– UNICEF France (@UNICEF_france) March 22, 2023

Both low- and high-income countries are showing signs of water quality risk, according to the report.

“Poor ambient water quality in low-income countries is often associated with poor wastewater treatment. In high-income countries, agricultural runoff is a bigger problem,” the report says.

💧 Water is life
💧 Water is livelihood
💧 Water is power

However, 2.2 billion people still lack access to safe drinking water.

On #world water day and every day let’s #WaterAction To ensure that everyone, everywhere, has access to safe and clean water.

— United Nations Development (@UNDP) March 22, 2023

Looking ahead, the report predicts that up to 2.4 billion people in urban areas could face water scarcity in 2050, more than double the 2016 figure.

Based on the latest findings, experts are calling on governments to take immediate action to improve access to safe water.

Gilbert F. Hongbo, Chairman of the UN Water Commission and Director-General of the International Labor Organization, said: “There is much to be done and time is not on our side. This report demonstrates our ambition, and now we must come together and accelerate action. This is our moment, to make a difference.”

Source: Daily Mail

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