Announcement: Lego 2K Drive Introduces Thrilling BlockStacking Action

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Good news, especially for fans of the block blocks who are tired of the typical Traveler’s Tales formula there’s a new game about the blocks that covers a different genre and also has a different team at work.

The creators of Visual Concepts, who are usually more responsible for sports games, are currently working on it Lego 2K Drivewhich is scheduled to release on May 19 for PlayStations, Xboxes, and Switch.

The first trailer above shows what this is all about and explains the press release in more detail:

characteristics of LEGO 2K drivetrain:

  • A story in a huge open world: Travel through the various unique biome regions of Bricklandia and take on a series of charismatic rivals in the hopes of one day winning the coveted Sky Cup. In LEGO 2K drivetrain players decide how they want to play. All in a sprawling open world filled with races, minigames, challenges, collectibles, teardown items and familiar vehicles from LEGO worlds such as LEGO City, LEGO Creator, LEGO Speed ​​Champions.
  • Speedy LEGO Races: racing indoors LEGO 2K drivetrain is a fastpaced, unrestricted experience where players compete on a wide variety of tracks, using unique powerup abilities to change positions in the race at the touch of a button.
  • Unique customization options: LEGO 2K drivetrain introduces a varied system that allows players to build their own vehicles as they see fit. Over 1,000 unique LEGO pieces are available to use during the adventure, along with a variety of color themes, decals, flairs and more.
  • Play alone or together: LEGO 2K drivetrain offers solid coop play and an exciting competitive multiplayer mode to experience together with others. Play with family and friends is available locally for 2 in splitscreen or via online matchmaking, matching you with intrepid drivers with similar skills.

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