Battlefield: Bad Company and 1943 Will No Longer be Sold by EA, Since Both Titles have been Removed from Store Shelves

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Electronic Arts said in a recent blog post that, at the beginning of April 28th, some of the best Battlefield games would be removed from all digital marketplaces. Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & 2, Battlefield 1943, and the first Mirror’s Edge game are examples.

Battlefield Bad Compan y_

This little but strong collection of games will no longer be for sale as of April 28th; nevertheless, they will still be played, but only offline. One of the greatest Battlefield sub-franchisees will officially retire on December 8th when the online servers for these games are also shut down.

Battlefield: Bad Company, farewell

Battlefield: Bad Company was a groundbreaking game that brought something a little less sombre to the series and gave players access to expansive, open areas, previously unheard-of levels of damage, and distinctive characters who were funny and memorable. The Frostbite engine, which still serves as the de facto norm for Battlefield games today, debuted with it in 2008.

The original Bad Company will be removed from all digital marketplaces on April 28th, along with Battlefield: Bad Company 2, Battlefield 1943, and Mirror’s Edge.

According to the announcement posted on EA’s news website:

While these games will always have a particular place in our hearts, we’re eager to make new memories with you as we turn our attention to the present and future Battlefield experiences.

Battlefield Bad Com pan y_

Electronic Arts recently announced that Apex Legends Mobile would be discontinued and that Battlefield Mobile would no longer be developed. This information coincides with ongoing efforts to polish Battlefield 2042, DICE, and EA’s current FPS epic that has thus far yet to recover from a disastrous debut fully.

Those with a PlayStation Plus membership can purchase a copy of Battlefield 2042 this month.

The loss of Battlefield: Bad Company, one of the most recognizable shooters of the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 period, which fans of the brand had anxiously hoped would make a comeback, causes us to simultaneously look to the future of Battlefield and express our sorrow.

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