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ChatGPT’s Popularity Attracts Hackers to Trick Unsuspecting Victims


Many “hackers” are taking advantage of the huge popularity of ChatGPT, an AI-powered chatbot, to lure their victims, in fact adding to the hacking of victims’ Facebook accounts.

The fake extension exploits the Chrome Extensions API to steal active cookies for Facebook accounts and send their data to the attackers’ servers. Once in possession of such data, hackers can access Facebook accounts, change account information and turn victims’ profiles into fakes which are used to spread malicious ads and extremist propaganda.

The company said the attackers took advantage of the chatbot’s huge popularity to lure their victims. The attackers took steps to spread the malicious add-on through advertisements that appeared to those who searched for “ChatGPT 4” inviting them to try the latest version.

According to the company, the malicious extension has been downloaded more than 9,000 times since it was made available on February 14th. He stated that what makes the plugin indisputable is that it works properly. The attackers developed the malicious add-on based on the source code of a similar legitimate add-on available in open source format.

The company added that the extension was still available in the Chrome Web Store between February 14 and March 22, when Google removed the extension from its store soon after its discovery.

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