John Wick 4’s original cut ran for nearly four hours.

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While the fourth chapter of John Wick is making its theater debut, director Chad Stahelski and editor Nathan Orloff have confirmed the existence of a version of the film starring Keanu Reeves that is almost four hours long.

While chatting with IndieWire for the debut of Chapter 4 of the saga, they were able to talk about the challenges and challenges they faced during the editing phase. The final cut of the film is 170 minutes long, but the original feature film was almost four hours long, three hours and forty-five minutes to be exact, according to the director himself.

Our first version was 3 hours and 45 minutes long and they were full – we thought we really screwed up.

After making changes to the original cut of the film, Staleski explained that he was not immediately convinced of the result, and it was for this reason that the director asked the crew to watch the film several times. Obviously, the last word in the final version of the film belongs only to the audience, at the moment the first prevailing opinions about the new work are quite positive.

Meanwhile, Keanu Reeves wanted to dedicate John Wick 4 to Lance Reddick, who died suddenly at the age of sixty on March 17th. Reeves said he was deeply saddened by the death of his colleague and close friend, calling him not only a professional, but also a person with whom it is especially pleasant to work, and, apparently, the actor took the opportunity to dedicate a new work to his memory. .

Not just Hollywood: Following the news, the gaming community took the opportunity to say goodbye to Reddick one last time, with the actor taking on video games like Destiny and the Horizon saga.

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