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German-developed Marder BMB model denied to Kyiv troops

The number of Marder infantry fighting vehicles that Germany will supply to Ukraine will be sufficient to form one mechanized battalion.

And I mean only 40 armored vehicles. It is not yet known which brigade these armored vehicles will reach – perhaps they will be provided to the brigade that has Leopard 2 tanks.

And the media reported that a certain amount of armored vehicles of this type had arrived in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that the Marder BMP was designed in the fifties of the last century, and its first samples were discovered in 1969. Until 1975, the German industry produced more than 2,000 copies, some of which were exported to Chile and Indonesia. , Jordan and Greece.

The units of the Kyiv army will receive its modernized version of the A3, which is not considered the final model, since it was produced 30 years ago. This version has strong armor capable of withstanding 30mm projectiles fired from automatic cannons.

As for armament, it includes a 20 mm cannon (1250 rounds), a 7.62 mm machine gun and an MG3 machine gun (5000 rounds) mounted on a double turret. The Marder A3 can use Milan anti-tank missiles with a working range of 3,000 meters, so it can penetrate 1,000 mm of armor.

The armored vehicle can accommodate 10 people, including 3 crew members, and its engine power is 600 horsepower, and the maximum speed on a paved road is 65 km / h. The vehicle is not suitable for walking on the surface of the water. It can travel 600 km without refueling.

Source: Russian newspaper

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