Fans of “Evil Dead Rising” Will Laugh at This New Poster, Which Reminds Them That Our Demons Trust in Us

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“Never allow uncertainty to prevent you from living out your worst nightmares.”

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New and established horror franchises have had a banner year at the box office in 2023, making it another banner year for the horror genre. In April, another well-known horror brand, Evil Dead, will come back with the release of a new installment called Evil Dead Rise. The fifth and final part of the successful series had its world premiere earlier this month at the South by Southwest film festival, where it was met with eerie praise from the audience. The praise has been infused into Evil Dead’s marketing campaign, and now Rise has created a new motivational poster that will have your inner Deadite laughing out loud.

The eerie image of Alyssa Sutherland’s possessed Ellie hanging from the ceiling, as Toni Colette did in Hereditary, is included on the poster, released on the various Evil Dead social media channels. Nonetheless, a moving message can be found beneath the photograph: “Keep fighting through it! These demons have placed themselves inside you because they believe in your abilities.” Even if that didn’t make you laugh out loud enough, the wording on the poster adds, “Never let doubt stop you from living your nightmare.” Evil Dead Rise’s marketing campaign appears to follow in the footsteps of M3GAN, Smile, and Scream VI by becoming one of the most iconic in the history of horror. Many people get relief from the pressures of today’s demanding society by watching scary movies. Because of this, it comforts us that the Deadites are watching for us in these troubling times. Let us keep our fingers crossed that a chainsaw is unnecessary for these diabolical interactions.

When does Evil Dead Rise Release?

On April 21, 2023, Evil Dead Rise was made available for viewing only in movie theaters. You can take a look at the humorous poster that we have provided down below before horror lovers begin their Evil Dead marathons:

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What exactly is the point of Evil Dead Rise?

Evil Dead Rise will again diverge from the typical Ash Williams plot that Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell made famous. Instead of taking place in a rustic cabin in the woods, the setting of Evil Dead Rise will be a high-rise apartment building in the urban jungle of Los Angeles. Because of this, the title. The story follows two sisters, Ellie and Beth (both played by Lily Sullivan), who had been alienated for many years but eventually got back together. However, the uncomfortable family gathering is cut short when the Necronomicon becomes involved, ultimately taking Ellie captive by the Deadites. Because of this, her family, which includes Ellie’s children, is thrust into a downward spiral of hell as they attempt to save Ellie’s soul before it is too late.

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As is customary for Evil Dead, this horrific event will be filled with blood. The Rise will be more in line with the pure horror of the 2013 Evil Dead reboot than the more horror-comedic manner of something like Army of Darkness, even though the franchise has frequently changed tones during its four-decade-long history. The reviews have emphasized the limitless gore and atmospheric shocks that the most recent picture possesses. As a result, fans of the Evil Dead franchise are simply writhing in their seats with enormous joy as they imagine all the terrifying possibilities.

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