Kill Boksoon Release Date, Cast, Plot, And Everything We Know So Far

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Kill Boksoon, a violent and dark Korean action film streaming on Netflix, might be what John Wick fans have been looking for.

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Kill Boksoon portrays a trained assassin who is ready to retire so that she may spend more time with her daughter. Crash Course in Romance’s Jeon Do-Yeon stars in the film as the protagonist. While she may be skilled in murder, she has found that raising children is her greatest obstacle.

Sadly, as Boksoon sets off on what she calls her “final” mission, she violates a few regulations involving killing everyone she is assigned to, regardless of the circumstances. As a result, every other hitman working for her organization considers her their number one adversary. Will she stay alive when a group of people trained to kill her comes after her?

Byun Sung-Hyun, whose previous work includes Kingmaker and The Merciless films, helmed the violent action movie with an R rating. Kill Boksoon will be a slick and sophisticated thrill trip with many battle scenes that will leave you in awe. Please continue reading to learn everything you need, as you will want to take advantage of this opportunity.


  • Jeon Do-Yeon as Gil Bok-soon
  • Fahim Fazli as Masood
  • Hwang Jung-min
  • Esom
  • Sol Kyung-gu
  • Koo Kyo-hwan
  • Andreas Fronk as Russian Sailor

What is the Release Date of Kill Boksoon?

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On Friday, March 31, 2023, Kill Boksoon will become available for streaming on Netflix. On the day of the release, viewers on the west coast can begin watching the program at midnight, but viewers on the east coast must wait until three in the morning, eastern time (ET).

Who is the Director of Kill Boksoon?

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Both a director and an actor. After receiving his degree from the Seoul University of the Arts, BYUN Sung-hyun directed the film Real, a film of medium length, in 2005, and the short film Moviestar, a film of short length, in 2006. The music drama “The Beat Goes On” (2010), credited with being Korea’s first hip-hop film, was his feature film debut. With this picture, he established his reputation in the Korean film business. Kingmaker (2022), The Merciless (2017), and Kill Boksoon are some of the films that Sung-hyun Byun is renowned for (2023).

Kill Boksoon | Final Trailer | Netflix

What is the Plot of Kill Boksoon?

The Movie Synopsis is as follows:

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Gil Boksoon is a highly effective assassin employed by the murdering organization MK Ent. Boksoon is also the mother of her daughter Jae-young, who is in her teenage years. Although Boksoon has a lot of experience as an assassin, she has difficulty becoming a parent. She concludes that the best way to mend her relationship with her daughter is to leave the agency just before renewing her contract. Boksoon defies the norm that killers must try to accomplish all assignments regardless of the circumstances while on her final assignment. This occurs before she notifies the company of her decision regarding the contract. Boksoon discovers a secret about the mission. Now, not only is her agency going for her, but the entire hitman industry is also after her.

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