Fans deeply disappointed by Ash and Pikachu’s departure from the animated series

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A few weeks later, Ash and Pikachu decided to retire, leaving the Pokémon animated series after an honorable career that lasted more than twenty years, namely from the now distant 1997. But after all these years of waiting, the fans were expecting an extremely touching and emotional moment, these expectations, which in the end, however, were literally ignored, as a result of which they were literally disappointed.

In fact, according to the community, the decision to welcome the series’ fast-paced duo starring Pocket Monsters after 26 years of adventuring would deserve a lot more attention from The Pokémon Company, despite the fact that Ash managed to become a League champion in recent months, thereby fulfilling the goal that he set for himself at the beginning of his long journey.

And while fans can’t wait to hear what the stories will be about the anime’s new protagonists, Roy and Liko, poised to debut in Pokémon Horizons by the end of the year, according to a post by Gamingbible, many Pokémon fans on Reddit have been frustrated by the number of plot points left uncovered.

— No Ho-Oh? Slongo702 said sarcastically, referring to the fact that many thought the legendary bird would appear in the final episode to directly link it to the series premiere years ago. “What happened to his father? Also, the final battle between Ash’s Gengar and Nidorino’s trainer would be just formidable,” TheFalconKid replied, remembering the Pokémon Red and Blue intro.

Amid all this, other fans complained that the ending didn’t feel like the end of the story:

“It doesn’t really give any sense of completion, it’s like leaving open the possibility of Ash and Pikachu returning in the future.” DarkTyranitar666 then continued, “Yes, this ending is extremely disappointing. I wanted to see a big goodbye. Instead, it just feels like the end of any season, not the entire series.”

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