Microsoft’s $1 Xbox Game Pass Promotion has been Discontinued Worldwide

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It looks like Xbox has pulled the Xbox Game Pass $1 promotional deal from all of its platforms worldwide, a move that some users have referred to more generally as being “anti-consumer.” It is not known whether this is a permanent move or a temporary one, but for the time being, this brings an end to a promotion that allowed new customers to purchase a month of Xbox Game Pass for the low price of just one dollar.

Microsoft's $1 Xbox Game Pass Promotion has been Discontinued Worldwid e_

However, there is still a sneaky trick that users can take advantage of that is not frowned upon. After purchasing Xbox Live Gold (which is more affordable), users can then sign up for Game Pass Ultimate, which effectively ‘upgrades’ the remaining duration of their Xbox Live Gold membership by converting it to Game Pass Ultimate. Many users have utilized this practice for many years.

Is There No Longer A $1 Bargain On Xbox Game Pass?

It was a great experience to be able to sign up for an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription on the day before a brand-new game was scheduled to be launched and spend only one dollar. After that, you finish the game, at which point you cancel any recurring payments and continue living your life. You just spent one dollar to get your hands on a first-day version of a top-tier Xbox game. initially reported it, and Idle Sloth was the one who spread the news on Twitter. The Xbox Game Pass promotional deal has been around for years and has been discontinued worldwide. When new customers try to sign up for a subscription, they are no longer provided the drastically reduced rate for the initial month of previously available service.

They are, however, asked to pay the whole sum from the very beginning of the transaction.

Microsoft's $1 Xbox Game Pass Promotion has been Discontinued WorldwidMicrosoft's $1 Xbox Game Pass Promotion has been Discontinued Worldwi dee_

It is possible that Xbox is preparing to recoup on some financials ahead of the Activision Blizzard acquisition, which looks like it will go ahead, or it may be anticipating a lot of full-price Xbox Game Pass sales with all of the stunning titles launching this year on the service, such as Starfield and Redfall. Either way, Xbox may be preparing to recoup some financials ahead of the Activision Blizzard acquisition.

This decision was long overdue for some, while for others, it is an extreme step that may indicate a price increase soon. Regardless of what transpires, it will be soon that Xbox explains the reasoning behind why it made this shadow modification.’

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