“‘Shadow and Bone’ Season 2: The Fate of the Fold Revealed?”

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Shadow and Bone on Netflix differ from other fantasy worlds in many ways. The Grisha’s powers aren’t exactly magic and Russia more influences their culture than the typical fantasy setting of medieval England. But the giant line of shadow that cuts through the country of Ravka might be the most exciting thing about this world. This part of the world is called the Unsea, the Shadow Fold, and most commonly, the Fold. It is an essential part of the show. It makes Ravka and the people who live there what they are. Everyone hates the Shadow Fold because it is a sign of division, and so many people have lost loved ones. The Fold runs through the country’s middle and divides East Ravka from West Ravka. It is made of pure shadow, and the deadly volcano lives in the moving, tangible darkness. They can’t leave the shadows but will eat anyone they find in their domain. The Fold is an important part of world history, and because of The Darkling, it has caused a unique problem for the Ravkan people (Ben Barnes).


Most of Ravka is cut off from the True Sea, which makes trade hard to do and splits up families. You can’t go around the Fold because it’s on Ravka’s border, and Ravka needs to get along with its neighbors. But crossing the Fold is hard. Most people do it on a skiff guided by Grisha Squallers, but others have found other ways. Bringing light into the Fold only attracts the velcro, so the crossing must be done in almost total darkness. In the process of going back and forth, many people die. In Season 2, however, the Fold gets more dangerous. And as of Season 2, the Fold is getting bigger, eating up the cities around it, and causing much damage. As the threat worsens and Ravka goes to war with The Darkling, Alina Starkov (Jessie Mei Li) is pressured to use her ability to call the sun to destroy the Fold, but she doesn’t know how.

Who Created the Fold and Why?

Everyone knows that the Black Heretic, a shadow summoner who worked against the king, made the Fold. But only a few know that the Black Heretic and General Kirigan are the same. When he was much younger, the Darkling made the Fold. He did this because he thought it would keep him and his fellow Grisha safe. The Grisha were being chased, and there was nowhere for their small group to go. The king’s men were mainly after the Darkling, so he made a hasty decision. The Darkling tried to turn the soldiers into his army by using most, but the spell went wrong, making the Shadow Fold and turning the soldiers into the velcro. Merzost is known for being risky and hard to predict, and it always costs something. So it needs to be clarified if the Darkling made it on purpose or by accident. But the Darkling couldn’t take back what he’d done, and the once-lush land was taken over by darkness. Since then, the Fold has been a problem for Ravka for hundreds of years, and even though the people there have learned to deal with it, it still causes problems. So, they wait for a Sun Summoner to destroy the Fold, and many people think it will be Alina.

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