Release Notes

  • Fixed a bug where captured ghosts were shared between Janitors
  • Fixed an issue where job assignments would toggle to off for newly trained staff.
  • Fixed a bug where prestige was shown on unowned plots on Lifeless Estate
  • Fixed an issue preventing Level 2 Green Screen research for Space Academy and School Spitis DLC.
  • Fixed a bug where interrupting Janitors from cleaning would leave the litter in an unclearable state, but would still cause unattractiveness.
  • Fixed an issue with preventing Ghost Students from counting towards room capacity.
  • Updated UI to search for suitable earliest available times for events.
  • Fixed a bug causing delay of animations on visitors after a save is loaded.
  • Fixed a bug with DLC job not appearing on the job assignment UI
  • Fixed a crash caused by earning Haunted Housework Achievement
  • Updated the course UI to remove extra tiles
  • Added some VFX for NPCs using the Ectovat
  • Adding some logging to help track down an occasional issue with saving the game on Switch
  • Fix for crash that occasionally happens when overwriting templates

Source:Two Point Campus