WhatsApp grants the ability to edit sent messages at last

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Yesterday, Monday, WABetaInfo reported that instant messaging service ‘WhatsApp’ continues to develop its new feature that allows users to edit sent messages.

The site, which specializes in monitoring experimental features in “WhatsApp”, had reported for the first time last February that the service was testing one of the most requested features, i.e. the modification of messages, in version of the application. service on the system “WhatsApp”. iOS” from Apple.

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WABetaInfo then said the feature would allow users to edit messages within 15 minutes of being sent. Thus, this feature will be useful for correcting any errors in your messages or adding new information before the other party sees it.

And while “WhatsApp” now allows users to delete any sent message before the other party sees it, this feature seems to target users who don’t want to delete messages, but rather edit their content before they’re seen.

WABetaInfo warned that the new feature will only support the latest version of the “WhatsApp” application and will only allow editing of messages and not multimedia explanation.

Now, the site discovered in build number that the feature is still under development and now includes a new custom alert. He posted a screenshot revealing that messages will be changed for all participants in the conversation, provided they are using the latest version of WhatsApp.

And the site said: “If you’re wondering what happens to edited messages sent to people using an older version of WhatsApp, this won’t be a problem because it’s likely WhatsApp won’t release the ability to edit messages until the versions that are not compatible with this feature have expired, so users will need to upgrade to the latest version of the app that can receive modified messages.

Interestingly, “WhatsApp” is testing many features, such as short video message function, listen to voicemail once function, and voice chat function.

Anyone wishing to try out the new features can sign up for the “WhatsApp Beta” program on Android, and the latest trial version of the application can be downloaded and manually installed from here. You can also sign up for the iOS beta program here.

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