Switch Console to feature Klaus Lee’s Thunderballs, a 2D Action Hopper with 1980s vibes.

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Publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer studio NUKKLEAR stop Klaus Lee Thunderballs bee. this is a 2d action hopper including 80s charm and level editor.

Additional information can be found in the press release:

For anyone wondering where our beloved ’80s action heroes have gone, the answer is finally here. One man, one jetpack, one mission rid the world of monsters. In short, razorsharp levels, our action hero Klaus Lee skillfully maneuvers his way through dangerous caves and temples with his jetpack. He solves puzzles, dodges traps and fights monsters with dynamite and laser eyes.

Klaus Lee Thunderballs is an oldschool 2D action platformer inspired by titles from the 80’s! Get the dust out of your jetpack, grab your dynamite and blast your lasers to the max! It’s Klaus time!

Klaus Lee Thunderballs According to the trailer, it should be out soon.

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