With iOS 16.5 Beta 1, Siri Now has the Ability to Initiate a Screen Recording

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Apple is attempting to enhance Siri’s capabilities by releasing the beta version of iOS 16.5. The voice assistant now has a new option that allows it to be used to begin recording the screen. You may now use the Screen Record feature simply by saying, “Hey Siri, start a screen recording,” as described by 9to5Mac. This command will cause the feature to be activated.

With iOS 16.5 Beta 1, Siri Now has the Ability to Initiate a Screen Recording_

If you execute this command, the screen of your iPhone will begin to automatically record video until you either manually stop the recording by tapping the screen or activate Siri and tell it to “Stop the screen recording.”

The command to record the screen needs to be phrased in a pretty specific manner. A screenshot will be taken if the instruction is phrased as “take a screen recording” rather than the video recording feature. Since quite some time ago, Siri has been able to capture a conventional screenshot. Despite this, this beta’s function to capture your screen is brand new.

When you ask Siri to begin recording your screen in older versions of iOS, the voice assistant either performs a web search or informs you that you do not have the appropriate app installed on your device.

Today, iOS 16.5 was made available to developers and is anticipated to be made available to public beta testers later this week. In addition to the functionality that allows Siri to record the screen, Apple has also included a tab for sports in the Apple News app. There have not been any other discoveries made as of yet.

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