Anticipation Builds for Apple’s Upcoming Groundbreaking Product Launch

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A wave of anticipation and rumors has erupted among tech enthusiasts and corporate followers in Silicon Valley, in the wake of Apple’s announcement of its next big event scheduled for next June, which is only about two months from now. loud talk that the company will unveil About a “massive product” at the event, which will be outstanding in the history of the company.

Press reports seen by Al claim that Apple plans to finally unveil its mixed reality glasses after nearly eight years in development.

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The giant tech company has confirmed that its annual developer conference (WWDC) will take place between June 5 and 9, as expectations prevailed that mixed reality glasses would be announced during this conference.

And Apple posted a post confirming the dates with a cryptic promotional image featuring curved colored lines, a possible reference to the viewer.

Although the announcement didn’t directly refer to the headset or mixed reality glasses, Mark Gorman, an observer of Apple’s activities and known for his accurate leaks about its products, said: “A new product will appear publicly for the first time next June”.

The reality glasses are said to contain 10 cameras and an operating system called (realityOS) with mixed reality versions of “Apple” applications such as “FaceTime” and the Maps application.

According to Apple, the latest developments in the company’s suite of programs and products will be presented at the conference. The five-day event will also be streamed online, though there will be an opportunity for “developers and students to celebrate in person in a private experience” hosted at the company’s headquarters.

“The conference is one of our favorite times of the year at Apple,” said Susan Prescott, Apple’s vice president of worldwide developer relations.

“It’s an opportunity to connect with developers from around the world who make this community so special,” he added. “The conference will be our largest and most exciting event,” she added.

According to Gorman, Apple’s mixed reality glasses were shown to 100 senior employees at the Steve Jobs Theater in Cupertino, California, last week.

The price of this new product is expected to reach three thousand US dollars, according to the expectations of the sources who referred to this information.

According to sources, the prevailing belief is that “Apple” is working on two augmented reality or virtual reality products, the first is a headset that covers the eyes and the second is a pair of augmented reality glasses that might be called ( Apple Glass), where expectations indicate that the first is what will be announced next June, while the second will arrive at a later date.

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