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The iPhone Can be Utilized in The Role of Controller for Netflix’s TV Gaming Plan

The iPhone Can be Utilized in The Role of Controller for Netflix's TV Gaming Plan_

According to Bloomberg, Netflix is working on expanding its fledgling video game platform to function on televisions. As part of this plan, Netflix customers can use their iPhones as a game controllers.

According to the report, app developer Steve Moser shared code that he discovered hidden within Netflix’s iOS mobile app that references games played on TVs. One line of the code reads, “Games played on TVs include,” among other references, “A television game requires a controller to be played. Do you wish to utilize this phone as a controller for the game you’re playing?”

In November 2021, Netflix introduced its gaming platform for iOS devices like iPhones, iPads, and Android. While individual games are distributed through Apple’s App Store as their own apps, the Netflix app is the company’s entire gaming library repository. Many games, such as “Stranger Things 3: The Game,” are based on well-known television series.

In a manner analogous to how Apple Arcade functions, the games do not include advertisements, additional fees, or in-app purchases. This is done to keep users actively engaged with the streaming service while they wait for new episodes of television shows and series hosted by the platform.

According to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, bringing games to televisions would significantly improve the service. Netflix is now available on various devices, including the Apple TV, and is integrated into many other smart TVs.

Netflix intends to launch a cloud gaming service allowing users to watch games without installing them locally on their own devices. Implementing such a scheme would allow the corporation to provide a far wider selection of games than it currently does, which might pose a threat to Microsoft’s cloud gaming services. It may compete with non-cloud-based systems like Apple Arcade.

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