Warzone Welcomes Back One-Shot Sniper Rifles This Week

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Season 3 of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 and Warzone 2 starts on Wednesday. Morgan said last week that it might be the first big update for both games that players will like. One change to Warzone 2 is controversial, though: you can now snipe with only one hit.

The Warzone 2 team said in a blog post today that you can expect one-shot sniper weapons to come back “under certain attachment and platform conditions.”

Most of the responses I’m getting are good. Activision’s changes have often been about making Warzone 2 more like Warzone 1, for better or worse. Many fans of the original Warzone need to catch up on one-shot sniping. One player made a funny complaint on Reddit about their sniping-obsessed squadmate who spends hours trying to countersnipe other snipers, but neither can get a kill shot.


They said that snipers were almost useless and only useful in certain situations. “I’m excited for my friend to let his kill go even faster. This is a big improvement. Thank god.”

Players also worry that one-hit shooting will be hard to deal with in Warzone 2 because of how fast players move. There is also much doubt about how hard it will be to get the right attachments and the range and bullet speed. On Wednesday, we’ll find out.

Warzone 2 Season 3 will also bring back ranked play, which will be added halfway through the season. There will also be five new guns and a new Gulag map, among other things. This blog post(opens in a new tab) goes over the plans for Season 3 and the Modern Warfare 2 ads for Season 3.

I don’t play Warzone, so I have nothing to say. I can see both sides. I love sniping in games, but it’s irritating when a beautiful long-distance shot hits an enemy who can quickly run away. But, also, I am not particularly eager to snipe. There are many different things in life.

I still play regular team deathmatch on Modern Warfare 2, which is a very late-30s thing to do, and I’m looking forward to Season 3’s night maps, which may give us a reason to use night vision. My only worry is that they’ll weaken the Tempus Torrent marksman gun, which was added in Season 2 and is my favorite weapon.

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