Controversy erupts in New York over the introduction of robotic security canines.

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Some New Yorkers are furious after the police and the city mayor announced a new fleet of police robots patrolling the streets and subways.

The three robots were first announced in ‘Times Square’ after the former New York Police Department terminated service of one type of robot deeming it ‘racist’.

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750 thousand dollars

The reintroduced robotic police dog is expected to help police officers navigate dangerous situations, two of which will be tested for $750,000, according to the British Daily Mail.

The K5 autonomous security robot, which uses the StarChase GPS system, will also monitor people and vehicles.

Mayor Eric Adams has run his campaign on the promise of eradicating crime in New York City and believes robot dogs will be used to save lives.

Shocking story

For its part, the New York City Police Department released its annual crime report over the past year with numbers revealing increases in nearly every category.

The statistics paint a grim picture of New York City’s efforts to tackle crime, which has soared since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, despite Mayor Adams repeatedly saying his campaign to fix the problem has been a success.

Advanced technological equipment

NYPD Commissioner Keshant Sewell said that to protect the modern city, officers must be “equipped with the tools, training and technology to do this job safely and effectively.”

The K5 autonomous security robot is expected to take to the streets of New York for testing.

The K5 uses an artificial intelligence program that provides real-time incident notifications upon receipt of reports. The egg-shaped robot is equipped with microphones, camera, sonar and lidar sensors. It also works with self-driving technology. He is approximately 170cm tall and weighs 180kg, with a top speed of 5km/h.

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