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What has been rumored for a few days has now been officially confirmed: Immortals of Aveum will be released on July 20 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. We take the accompanying words from the accompanying press release:

Immortals of Aveum is released under the EA Originals label and is being developed by Ascendant Studios, a new development studio made up of veteran members and awardwinning winners of multiple BAFTA and Game of the Year awards. Immortals of Aveum is set in a new fantasy universe full of magic and conflict teetering on the edge of the abyss. Players experience the immersive, cinematic title from the perspective of Jak, who joins an elite order of battle mages, masters the three colors of magic, blue, green, and red, then decimates legions of enemies with clever chain attacks and timed counterattacks. The world of Immortals of Aveum combines a modern story with a breathtaking fantasy setting full of unforgettable characters, fastpaced action and spellbased combat that defies common FPS conventions.

“I’m incredibly excited to finally be able to give to the world Immortals of Aveum to show. Five years ago we started this journey here at Ascendant and I am so proud of the team and their dedication to creating something great,” said Bret Robbins, CEO and Game Director of Ascendant Studios. “Our goal was to create a cinematic, immersive shooter in a new fantasy world with fast and fluid combat and an epic story. I can’t wait for everyone to play the game.”

“EA Originals is committed to empowering creative minds and teams with innovative visions for their game,” said Jeff Gamon, CEO of EA Partners. “When we saw how the Ascendant team seamlessly integrated magical abilities into fastpaced FPS combat while also telling an actionpacked story, we were sold. Bret has assembled an incredibly talented team whose passion for unique AAA games brings deep storytelling and imaginative new worlds to life in Immortals of Aveum comes into its own impressively.”

Jak is a socalled giftee who unexpectedly manifests magical abilities later in life. Because of his newfound potential, the once powerless and penniless Jak is recruited by General Kirkan of the Order of the Immortals and dragged against his will into humanity’s neverending war for control of magic. Joining forces with powerful wizards and legions of soldiers on both sides of the Eternal War, Jak and his elite Order of the Immortals must unravel the mysteries of Aveum’s troubled past if there is any hope of rescue in the future. The spectacular campaign of Immortals of Aveum is brought to life by talented stars like Darren Barnet (“Never Have I Ever”, “Road House”, “Gran Turismo”) as Jak and Gina Torres (“Suits”, “Pearson”, “Firefly”) as General Kirkan.

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