New production of RIDE 5 confirmed for PS5 and XSX

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Coupled with an announcement trailer, Milestone RIDE 5 announced for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The twowheeler racing game will be released on August 24 and the press release has all the information ready:

New career mode with narrator and ten rivals

For the first time in the series, fans of virtual racing can look forward to a career mode where a narrator introduces the events and follows players on their journey. A leaderboard shows progression in the four main career race packs, which contain different events that must be completed before the next one is unlocked. To make the competition more exciting, it will be played in career mode by RIDE 5 There are also ten rivals with their own personalities, backgrounds and aesthetics. Players must defeat their opponents to reach the top of the leaderboard. A series of secondary challenges completes the career structure with over 200 playable events in total.

Aside from your career, endurance races now support save and rewind functions to ensure greater control and flexibility over the game session, while the Single Race and Time Trial game modes are the perfect places to finetune your driving style, familiarize yourself with the different engine categories and push performance to the limit.

Highend technology that combines game with reality

The technological enhancements will unlock the full potential of next generation consoles and premium PC configurations, delivering new, breathtaking levels of realism and truetolife experiences to deliver the most authentic and thrilling racing simulation ever. For the first time in the franchise, the Milanese development team has implemented a dynamic weather system that calculates realtime track and air temperature to generate realistic weather changes during races and add a strategic dimension to the racing experience. The sky system has also been modified, moving from a 2D technology based on real photos to 3D volumetric clouds for a more realistic visual result; now players can watch the clouds change shape and interact with the lighting depending on their density, creating stunning vistas. The technological improvements also affect bike physics, which has been improved in every aspect, from riderbike interaction to different incline speeds for each bike category.

Splitscreen and crossplay: who brakes last?

Cycling culture knows no boundaries and with RIDE 5 Cycling enthusiasts can unleash this passion through an enhanced multiplayer experience. Online, it will be possible to participate in crossplay lobbies on both console (PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X | S) and PC (Steam vs. Epic Games Store), and world rankings will push players to choose the best driver they can be. At the urgent request of the municipality, for the first time since ride 2 Split the screen again so players can challenge their friends side by side on the couch.

Countless customization options for maximum durability

One of the pillars in the development of RIDE 5 is the desire to give players maximum freedom to experience their own journey into the motorcycle world. The Race Creator game mode serves this purpose, as players can take control of the competition and create unlimited scenarios by customizing their races and championship experiences, choosing which types of motorcycle categories to allow in the competition, as well as AI opponents and select tracks, create new liveries from scratch, and even set the scoring system and rules.

Also in terms of accessibility, the reference among the simulative racing games on two wheels is not inferior. A comprehensive set of rider aids eases the learning curve and helps less experienced riders to take full control of their bike, thanks to brake assist, cornering, autosteer and throttle, ideal trajectory and many other parameters to master even the most difficult tracks.

Finally the players can participate RIDE 5 express their creativity thanks to powerful editors to customize bikes, suits and helmets. They will be able to share their creations online, also between different platforms, so that everyone can enjoy the most beautiful ideas.

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