Study finds that Gen Z spends less time playing video games compared to Millennials

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Millennials dominate a large portion of the gaming market, with millennials reportedly preferring to spend their free time playing video games over Generation Z, according to a new study.

Fandom’s annual study explains why teens and Gen Zers are now spending more time playing video games than last year, and why millennials still play more hours a week. The study shows how interests and behaviors differ from generation to generation: 52% of millennials surveyed ranked video games as their number one interest, while 40% spend an average of 22 hours a week playing games, while this figure is the same among teenagers. drops to 29%. .

Fandom’s analysis shows that younger generations of gamers are more interested in competitive video games and social relationships with other players, while older generations are oriented towards more stimulating games. Despite their age, adventure, sci-fi and survival remain the preferred genres, unlike teenagers who prefer battle royale (49%) and survival (39%), millennials instead focus on MMOs (41%), strategy video games (27%) . and finally RPG (26%).

What Millennials and Gen Z have in common is rich stories with more complex backgrounds and characters, while teens prefer competitive video games, especially those focused on teamwork.

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