Possible revised titles: – Samsung may replace Google with other search engines on new devices – Samsung may ditch Google search engine on upcoming devices – New Samsung devices could feature alternative default search engines to Google – Samsung considers dropping Google as default search provider for future products – Could Samsung switch to non-Google search engines on its next-gen devices?

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Microsoft’s Bing search engine could replace Alphabet’s Google as the default search service on Samsung devices, according to The New York Times, reviewed by Al Arabiya.net.

The switch could cost Samsung nearly $3 billion in annual revenue for Google.

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According to a Bloomberg report, Bing’s threat to Google’s search dominance has become more credible in recent months with the addition of OpenAI technology to provide ChatGPT-like responses to user requests.

After this news was revealed, “Alphabet” shares fell 1% in premarket trading in New York, while “Microsoft” shares rose less than 1%.

Samsung shipped 261 million smartphones in 2022, according to IDC data, all running Google’s Android. The Korean company has long-term partnerships with Microsoft and Google and its devices come preloaded with a library of applications and services from both, such as OneDrive and Google Maps. Negotiations are still ongoing and Samsung may decide to keep Google as the default supplier, according to the report.

Google is working on several projects to modernize and revamp its search services to avoid losing market share. These include adding AI capabilities to its existing offering, under a project called “Magi,” a project that employs more than 160 people, The Times reported.

Google spokeswoman Lara Levin said in a statement that Google is excited to bring new AI-powered features to its search engine and will share more details soon.

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