A Tribute to the Infamous Rockstar Game: Manhunt, Remade by Fans

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Manhunt is undoubtedly one of the most controversial and therefore the most talked about games in the history of video games, given that Rockstar Games chose not to portray any type, making for a violent game to say the least. But given the uniqueness of this game, it’s no surprise that the community decided to set to work on creating a fan-made remake that would do justice to the title and position itself as a complete product.

As Gamingbible reminds us, Rockstar Games’ stealth game was first released on PS2 in 2003, and a year later appeared on PC and the first Xbox console, in 2004 to be exact. of which are completely groundless and unfounded.

In case you don’t know, this title invites users to take on the role of a death row inmate, James Earl Cash, who is tasked with killing enemies known as the Hunters. And to eliminate them, you could let your imagination run wild, using a large number of weapons such as chainsaws, nail guns, machetes and cleavers, giving life to brutal deaths, a little less impressive only because of the low power characteristic of PS2, Xbox. and computers of that era.

While Manhunt also received a standalone sequel in 2007, Rockstar Games hasn’t touched the series since, which isn’t surprising given that the series was highly controversial and heavily criticized.

But given the inactivity of the American development team, the community decided to create a notoriously successful fan-made remake, featuring new lighting controls and better textures:

Having archived this novelty, over the past few hours the leaker may have announced that there are more countries to explore in GTA 6, the highly anticipated Rockstar Games game.

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