Ancient Egyptian children found to have suffered from anemia, say scientists

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Scientists have found signs in the mummies of children that many of them suffered from anemia.

The International Journal of Osteoarchaeology points out that physicians and ancient pathologists discovered, as a result of examining the remains of 21 people using tomography, which made it possible to analyze the skeleton without the need to remove the covers from the body, the effects of an increase in the skull (top of the skull) in seven children. This swelling is usually associated with anemia.

Of course, it is impossible to determine from the results of computed tomography whether this disease was the cause of death. But the scientific team believes that anemia is one of the factors causing death.

The researchers proved that one of the children had thalassemia in life, due to which the production of hemoglobin in the body decreases, so this child lived less than a year. He may have suffered from other illnesses.

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