Overwatch 2 Players That Cheated have been Banned in Large Numbers by Blizzard

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Blizzard has revealed that the company has hit a significant yet unsettling milestone in the ongoing fight to purge the game of malicious operators. Since the game was released in October 2022, “over 100,000” Overwatch 2 players who cheated have been banned from the platform, according to a blog post that was published on the website of the game’s developer.

Overwatch 2 Players That Cheated have been Banned in Large Numbers by Blizzard_

People began spreading negative press about the game when they learned that Overwatch 2 was more like Overwatch 1.5. Overwatch 2 had its fair share of negative press. However, since the game became free-to-play, the number of people using the site to engage in dishonest behavior and cheat has significantly increased. Blizzard has promised that it will never stop fighting against cheats, but the fact that 100,000 accounts have been banned in just six months is an absurdly high number.

How Many Are Managing to Get Away with It?

At this point, it is only possible for a multiplayer project to be developed with someone working on cheats to disrupt the platform. Online gaming is perpetually impacted by a never-ending swarm of cheaters, as evidenced by the prevalence of dishonest players in games such as Escape From Tarkov and Warzone 2.0, both of which continue to struggle under the burden of dishonest behavior.

Blizzard, however, will not accept that truth without a fight. They stated the following in the blog post that was published on the 18th of April:

Our first guiding concept is “Fair is fun,” and it stems from the conviction that it is under no circumstances acceptable to cheat in Overwatch 2. Playing with people who cheat makes the game less fun for everyone and prevents it from being fair. Our staff will never stop working to uncover cheaters and protect against them, and we want to discuss how you can assist us in this endeavor.

Overwatch 2 Players That Cheated have been Banned in Large Numbers by Blizzard_

It was later disclosed that Blizzard had been banning approximately 5,000 fraudulent accounts every week and working off-platform to address the platforms providing these cheats. The situation is the same all around the sector. Activision Blizzard’s action against the widely used cheat supplier EngineOwning was successful at the beginning of this year, and the courts awarded the platform’s operators a stunning $3 million as a result of the verdict.

Blizzard has provided several fairly challenging scenarios for individuals interested in “cheating by proxy.” This extremely significant blog article disclosed that if you purposefully link up with cheaters to have an easier time while playing the game, you will be required to face the same repercussions as the cheaters.

In general, Blizzard is willing to invest significant time and effort into improving its platform regarding cheating, disruptive and toxic behavior, and foul play. It will be interesting to observe how much of an influence the ‘Defense Matrix Initiative’ has gone ahead and what the number of people who cheat in Overwatch 2 looks like another six months from now.

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