Twitter is thrown into disarray following the blue checkmark ruling

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Chaos appears to be pervading Twitter, following recent decisions to remove the blue flag from accounts that have not pledged to pay the sums incurred in maintaining that blue flag, as well as dropping the “government funded” slogan and “belonging to the state of China” by many international media organizations reports. Fears of impersonating people or page names known to spread misleading information are high, especially since the absence of the blue mark will put the Twitter audience in the dilemma of believing that which is published, which may gradually lose the public trust of the platform.

One of the reasons the platform resorted to authentication marks in the first place is to avoid forging facts or impersonating pages representing important institutions and influential people, but its recent decisions could bring this issue full circle.

Among the accounts that “Twitter” has dropped the “government-funded media” label:

  • Accounts of National Public Radio “NPR” in the United States.
  • and the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).
  • Canadian broadcasting company “CBC”.

The “China State Media” tag has also been removed from the accounts of China’s new news agency, Xinhua.

In an interview with the BBC last week, billionaire Twitter owner Elon Musk said the social media platform was trying to be “thorough” and was considering revising the name.

And Twitter started removing the blue checkmark from its user accounts, and several famous people lost their authentication tags, such as:

  • Pope francesco.
  • Football star Cristiano Ronaldo.
  • Pop music icon Beyonc√©.
  • Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates.
  • Former US President Donald Trump.
  • and reality star Kim Kardashian.

Musk said in November that “Twitter” will receive eight dollars a month for the brand, aiming to raise more revenue beyond ads, and the company has offered other authentication brands in different colors, such as gold for men. for business and gray for governments. , institutions and officials.

Twitter has had around 300,000 blue verified users, many of them journalists, athletes and public figures.

The verification process was used to indicate that the account was verified by Twitter.

And basketball star LeBron James still holds the blue mark until now.

Tech website ‘The Verge’ previously claimed LeBron paid no money to keep the blue mark, after actor William Shatner, known for his role in the ‘Star Wars’ series, claimed complained that he was forced to charge him money to keep up the mark.

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