Xbox Game Pass: Concerns for Dev Teams Excluded From Revenue Share

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Jez Corden has published a new in-depth article on the current state of Xbox, and also reveals some of the oddities surrounding Xbox Game Pass, stating that independent or AA development teams fear the subscription service could hurt sales of their games.

Corden shared the following statements in an article on Windows Central:

“I’ve been talking to AA and ISVs over the past few weeks and I can tell you they’ve told me they’re still very skeptical about Xbox Game Pass and its impact on the platform. This is because indie developers no longer see an opportunity to make money on Xbox when they find themselves in a situation where they are not approved for Xbox Game Pass for whatever reason.

In fact, Microsoft cares a lot about Xbox Game Pass, and with more and more of its games on the service, such as Hi-Fi Rush, Redfall, and the upcoming Starfield, the opportunities for smaller developers are clearly shrinking. ”

According to what Jez Corden said, at Microsoft they would really be aware of the situation and for that reason they are putting a lot of energy and resources into trying to exponentially expand Xbox Game Pass to try to have an audience sufficient to meet the needs of each type of product like Netflix did it.

However, with all this, Corden does not know if Microsoft can actually make his wish come true, as his colleague Jeff Grubb said that the Redmond giant is not satisfied with the current state of the Xbox.

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