Comparing the Benefits of the Russian Armata Tank with Western Models

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Hero of Russia, General Sergei Lipovoy, said that the modern Russian T-14 Armata tank is superior to Western Abrams, Leopard and Challenger tanks.

The general pointed out in an interview with that the design of the Armata tank is primarily designed to protect the crew from missiles, in addition, it has high maneuverability and overcome obstacles.

And he adds: The Russian tank “Armata” surpasses Western tanks – the American “Abrams”, the German “Leopard” and the British “Challenger” – with its completely new design. In foreign tanks, the crew is evenly placed inside the hull, while in the T-14 it is only in an armored capsule, and the turret is uninhabited, which increases the crew’s chances of surviving when exposed to anti-tank weapons.

Another advantage of the Armata tank is its low weight compared to the aforementioned Western tanks, which increases its maneuverability on the battlefield, especially in rough terrain and swamps.

It is noteworthy that Russian troops recently began using Armata tanks as part of a special operation in Ukraine to strike at the positions of Ukrainian military formations and did not use them in offensive operations. Sending him to participate in a special forces operation is a test in real combat conditions. According to General Lebovoy.


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