Armored Core VI: Fires of Rubicon New Deadline and Thrilling Gameplay Trailer Revealed

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Then the rumor was indeed true: Armored Core VI: Burning Rubicon will be released on August 25th on PlayStations and Xbox and to officially confirm Bandai Namco has brought a new trailer and a few lines of press release.

Bandai Namco Europe and FromSoftware, Inc. known ARMORED CORE VI FIRE OF RUBICON will be released on August 25, 2023. From the 25 years of development experience with the franchise ARMORED CORE and the action games ELDEN RING like DARK SOULS The result is a game full of mecha action, including fastpaced combat, detailed customization options and thrilling boss fights. ARMORED CORE VI FIRE OF RUBICON will be released for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and PC via Steam and is available to preorder now at participating retailers and the Bandai Namco Store. The game is part of PlayStation Free Upgrade and Xbox Smart Delivery.

A mysterious new substance, Coral, has been discovered on the remote planet Rubicon 3. As an energy source, it was intended to dramatically improve humanity’s technological and communication abilities. Instead, she unleashed a catastrophe that ravaged the planet and surrounding stars with flaming storms, turning it into a blazing galaxy. Nearly half a century later, Coral was rediscovered on the disasterravaged Rubicon 3. NonEarth corporations and resistance groups fight for control of the substance. Players infiltrate Rubicon as independent mercenaries and get caught up in the corporate and other factions’ war for content.

ARMORED CORE VI FIRE OF RUBICON engages players in fastpaced combat in highly mobile, customizable mechs, using offensive and defensive maneuvers to defeat their opponents both on land and in the air. To become the most successful and profitable mercenary on Rubicon 3, players must master rapidly changing ranges and omnidirectional combat maneuvers, as well as using the environment as a shield to overcome challenging enemies and situations.

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