New Addition to Twitter’s Premium Blue Services Unlocks Exclusive Features for Subscribers

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International press reports revealed that Twitter has added a new feature for paid “Blue” subscribers, whereby the user gets the famous “blue” authentication stamp. Blue” a new page informing them how to unsubscribe, similar to other paid applications.

The decision to appear on this page comes after many users complained that they had re-subscribed to “Twitter Blue” without their desire to do so, and their refusal to pay a fee for their accounts to get the brands back “blue” authentication.

Interestingly, “Twitter” previously removed the blue authentication marks from most accounts and limited them to those who subscribe to “Blue” services for $8 a month, and decided to return them later to accounts that have one million or more followers.

However, some users have expressed their refusal to “forcefully” re-authenticate their accounts and force them to subscribe to “Blue” services.

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