Star Wars Jedi: Survivor Trophies Have Been Revealed Online

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The Star Wars Jedi: Survivor review embargo was lifted today, April 26. Therefore it should come as no surprise that fans are getting enthusiastic about the possibility of teaming up with Cal Kestis once more ahead of the game’s release on April 28. A complete list of all the trophies that may be earned in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor has been made available online recently, in addition to everything else disclosed.

Star Wars Jedi Survivor Trophies Have Been Revealed Online_

It is possible to obtain every trophy, including the Platinum, in a single playtime, which is excellent news for trophy hunters with just a limited amount of time at their disposal. Assume for a moment that you will examine the list of Star Wars Jedi: Survivor awards we have provided below. In that case, we will warn you that spoilers will be included in the article.

Put the Force to use, and bring home the hardware.

The comprehensive Star Wars Jedi: Survivor trophies list can be found on PSN To earn the coveted Platinum trophy, players must participate in absolutely everything the game has to offer.

The complete list is as follows (notice how practically every prize is a reference to a previous film):


  • Han Slowlo: Destroy 50 foes while they are slow.
  • So Uncivilized: Use the Point Blank skill to kill ten foes.
  • You Have A Friend Ten times per companion. Order them to help in battle.
  • Catch! – Use a single roller mine to strike three foes.
  • Twenty strikes should be delivered to an unprepared foe.
  • Using This Is Canon, push an adversary into the mining cannon for Shattered Moon.
  • Attack 20 lifted foes after you descend from them.
  • One With the Force: Use Focus Sight to fend off 50 assaults.
  • A puzzled enemy defeats another of its kind in a mirror match.
  • Pinpoint: Carry out ten precisely timed launches.
  • Slam Dunk: Use one Slam to hit five foes at once.
  • Reach Harvest Ridge’s highest point to become the King of the World.
  • Help pull a ship out of the tar pits with “There Is No Try.”
  • Nevertheless, this isn’t producing: ride monsters for 500 meters.
  • For 60 seconds, Skywalker, keep your feet off the ground and any walls.
  • Trade 25 objects you’ve collected for Greezy Money.
  • Cobra Cal: Don a headpiece and practice with your weapons.
  • Hello from Luke at Us! Install a fresh cosmetic in each Cal slot.
  • Dropkick, a foe with a mullet, from Road House.
  • Kitted Out: Add new components to the BD-1, the blaster, and Cal’s lightsaber.
  • Finding space for a whole garden is a growth spurt.
  • Use the BD-1 for the survey to look into a distant objective.
  • The Jedi Path: Completely enhance three skill trees.
  • Defeat an Inquisitor in a rooftop duel.
  • Break free from the Empire’s hold for Saw Gerrera.
  • Take a Seat and talk with the proprietor of the Koboh cantina.
  • Release the Jedi from the bacta tank in The Past Made Present.
  • With a Nightsister, travel together in “Survivors, We Adapt.”
  • Meet the Jedi Masters in Among the Masters.
  • Protect the sanctuary for pilgrims for The Path.
  • Save a friend from the Bedlam Raiders with “Out of Bedlam.”
  • Gather the Abyss Compass for Tanalorr Bound.
  • Disaster: Protect the Archive.
  • At The Edge: Keep Nova Garon Alive.
  • Find the way to Tanalorr with Into the Abyss.
  • Refresh the refresher after cleaning.
  • They’re Probably Fine – Drop your mount into the big unknown.
  • Investigate the Phon’Qi Caverns. It’s a trap.
  • Max Capacity: Fill the cantina.
  • Possibly pet the Bogling. – The bogling can be petted.
  • How to get your first bounty in Who Gives a Puck.
  • Splurge and buy everything Doma has to offer.


  • Become a living legend by eliminating all legendary foes.
  • Find and complete every Jedi Chamber on Star Tours.
  • Get a mysterious stranger’s attention with Caij Match.
  • Equip all of the job’s perks in the available slots.
  • Fill the aquarium in the cantina with Skoova Diving.
  • Win every holo-tactics match, gambler.
  • Scan every opponent type on the Intergalactic Geographic map to complete the Tactical Guide.


  • Complete every Force Tear in Blood, Sweat, and Tears.
  • Complete the article A Place You Could Call Home.


  • The Jedi Survivor: Acquire every trophy.

Are you going to try to get Star Wars Jedi: Survivor that Platinum? Please comment below.

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