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As announced, Square Enix has released the PlayStation ports of Live alive published and shows a launch trailer. The press release contains accompanying words:

LI HAVE A LIFE offers players the freedom to experience eight different stories with eight different characters, each in different eras, from prehistoric times to the wild west and beyond. Each unique chapter features a set of specific gameplay mechanics to master, such as stealth passages and trap placement, each at the heart of the turnbased combat system of LIVE ALIVE scaffolding. Players can customize their adventure according to their preferences, the episodic format allows them to complete the chapters in any order or even play parts of each chapter in parallel.

LIVE ALIVE was created by Takashi Tokita (CHRONO TRIGGER And FINAL FANTASY IV) produced, the game director of the original for Super Nintendo. The title has been remastered with HD 2D technology that combines the nostalgia of pixel art with modern graphics and offers a classic RPG gaming experience with updated graphics for PS4, PS5 and PC. Players can also look forward to a rearranged version of the soundtrack, rerecorded under the direction of the original composer: Yoko Shimomura (FINAL FANTASY XV, KINGDOM OF HEARTSQueue).

A free demo is also now available on the PlayStation Store and Steam. In the LIVE ALIVEdemo, players can experience the beginning of three of the eight ingame stories: The Wild West, Dawn of EdoJapan, and The Far Future. Once purchased, players on PlayStation and Steam will be able to carry their saved progress into the full game and continue playing from where they reached in the demo.

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