First-ever images of tanks with active dynamic protection system released by Ministry of Defense

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The first photos of the T-90M tank, equipped with the developed Arena active protection system, appeared on social networks.

Part of the fees for this novelty was quoted from a patent certificate published by the Russian channel “Voen Osvidometr”.

It is noteworthy that earlier the media reported on the possibility of such a model of the main battle tank, however, photos and videos of the active protection system installed on the T-72B3M tank, and not on the T-90M, were often published. tank. .

At first glance, it seems that the appearance has not undergone any changes and is no different from the base model of the tank. However, it is assumed that the protection characteristics of the T-90 tank will increase exponentially.

The Arena active protection complex has recently been tested using foreign ammunition captured during a special operation.

It should be noted that the Arena-M active defense system is capable of shooting down guided missiles and bombs trying to hit the tank from above. And its serial industrial production will allow the crew members of the Russian tank to feel safe.

It is noteworthy that the basis of the system is a high-speed radar, protected from interference. The radar detects any threat (for example, an anti-tank missile) aimed at an armored vehicle and gives the order to destroy it. For this, guided munitions are used, placed on the tank hull.

Source: Russian newspaper

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