May Release for Warlander on PS5 and XSX

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This is announced by Plaion and Toylogic warrior will be released on May 16 for PS5 and Xbox Series X. Accompanying the full info drone is the corresponding press release:

warrior offers a new genre of competitive play, a mix of hackandslash, shooter and strategy with up to 100 players divided into five armies with the aim of destroying each other’s castles.

Players can choose from three different classes: the warrior, a master who wields a sword and shield, the mage who wields elemental magic such as fire and lightning, or the cleric who excels in healing and support abilities.

In addition to largescale castle sieges involving catapults, siege towers, battering rams, and more, the climax of the battle unlocks the Cataclysmic Idols. They represent powerful magic such as a huge meteor shower, a giant tornado or a 4seater robot, all capable of changing the course of battle or ensuring victory.

warrior has been available to PC players since January 24, 2023 via Steam accessible. In preparation for the launch of the console warrior content has been expanded again and provided with the following additional features:

Two new maps:

  • Bridge of Dawn B is an alternate version of the original Bridge of Dawn map, but covered in fog and with the number and location of towers and siege weapons.
  • Moonlit Temple allows players to experience combat in the moonlight and has four central catapults that can play an important role in advancing to the front lines. In addition, two routes are used in siege battles, which require new strategies for defense and attack.

Two new skills:

  • The Divine Hammer builds up the Cleric’s power, which can be unleashed in one mighty hammer blow. He knocks away nearby enemies while healing allies. The ability can be recharged in three levels, with higher levels increasing range, damage, and recoil.
  • Phoenix is ​​an ultimate ability exclusive to the new rank 5 mage title Inferno. Players can summon a phoenix to soar across the battlefield and rain fire to destroy siege engines and other structures.

Warlanders have fought over 400,000 battles on Steam to date, defeating over a million players in battle.

With the launch of Season 1 of the Season Pass, which includes new armor skins, new weapons, new decals, new titles and more, now is the perfect time to warrior Join The store will also be updated with new items available at the start of the season.

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