Ancient Medical Instruments Discovered in Hungarian Man’s Grave

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Archaeologists from the Hungarian University of Budapest have found the centuries-old tomb of a man with surgical instruments.

And the university website states that archaeologists have found the tomb of a man who lived in the first century AD near the city of Jaspern in Hungary, and scientists have determined that this tomb belongs to a doctor who was buried with surgical instruments.

The site adds: Surgical tools found in the tomb included silver-plated copper alloy scalpels and interchangeable steel blades, tweezers, needles, and a special stone likely used to mix medicine ingredients.

The tools found dating back to the first century AD are very good. Interestingly, scientists cannot determine the reason for the presence of a doctor with quality instruments in this inaccessible place, located on the territory of modern western Hungary and which was under the control of Rome in the first century. It was a transitional period, and the Celts lived here.

According to the researchers, the doctor died at the age of 50-60, and no signs of injury or illness were found in his remains. Scientists have not been able to determine whether he was a resident of the region or not. But according to one hypothesis, he allegedly was visiting the patient. Therefore, scientists plan to conduct a series of additional tests to determine this.

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